Add on Tree Service Costs

Four Services Will Cost You Extra When You Get A Tree Removed

When you order a tree to be removed from your garden, one can often assume that all the services are included and when there finished you completely finished with the project and no need to go back on anything job is done and complete.

This is a wrong assumption and not all services are part of the initial tree removal service, here we talk you through the included services and whats not included and expect to pay additional charges for these to be added on to you tree removal.

What’s usually included in the main service is getting the tree cut down and limbs mulched up so they can be taken away.

What Can You Expect to pay Extra for:

  1. Stump Removal – when a tree is removed the stump of the tree can often be a later thought, I guess when a tree needs to be cut down, the offending stump is less of a concern however after a time has passed, these stumps can be annoying for a garden to look at every day as they gradually rot. Stump grinding and stump removal are an extra service that is added on and an extra cost that is not part of the initial estimate. You can expect to pay up to $200 to get it removed depending on its size and conditions.
  2. Limb Mulching may or may not be included and you may need to check with your provider if its part of the estimate or not, expect to pay where necessary up to $100 for mulching depending on the size of tree.
  3. Tree Trunk Removal – Trunk removal may be included in your estimate but don’t take this for granted. Often if you are looking for a low quote or estimate, it may not be included and seen as an extra add on cost. Some tree service providers do include this also so again check with the provider
  4. Firewood – Breaking up or chopping wood up for firewood is an added on cost in almost all cases, the additional chopping along with the cutting up of the trunk and limbs into manageable sizes is time and also it requires the company to bring along another machine pushing up the costs for them so this gets passed on to you.

Always get a number of estimates and look at the cost breakdown and what charges are included in you your estimate and what are not, you could ask for then to be included and get the best deal you can for any added on services. For more on tree removal costs and prices in Chicago IL, see here for more detail on what prices can cost you and where you can get some free estimates and quotations  Remember to get a breakdown of your estimate so you can evaluate each cost and compare it against other quotes.

six tips to clean you home

No one likes to come home to a dirty house, but usually, it seems nearly difficult to keep it clean. It’s always a wise idea to have a cleaning company come in regularly, but who’s going to keep your home in order between their visits? Here are six quick tips for keeping your home clean:

You also might schedule your dish washing for right before dinner while you are cooking. Designate one or two days each week as laundry days, depending on how much laundry you typically have.

Keep all of the necessary cleaning products within easy reach. It’s only natural to have the occasional spill that must be cleaned, so keep those cleaning products where you can get to them easily. This will keep you from putting off that cleanup until the spill is sticky or has started to sink into the rug. Locate a handy place to keep your supplies and make sure that you can get to them quickly without traipsing all over the house. Keep them in a place that’s close to where you have the most spills.

Do small basic cleaning tasks whenever you can. For example, wipe the dining room table off immediately after you clear the dishes from it. Clean toothpaste from the sink right after you brush your teeth. Small tasks like these can make a huge difference in the general cleanliness of your house.

Do small tasks immediately. For example, make your bed as soon as you get up. Clear off the table right after you eat. Scrape leftover food right into the trash, even if you’ll be washing those dishes the next night while you cook dinner. If you don’t wash them immediately, stack them in one place neatly so that they’re ready to be washed. Fill pots and pans with soapy water and let them soak. This will make for easy cleaning.

De-clutter your space. Keep as few things in any room as you can. Put items away as soon as you are done using them so that they do not clutter up your home. A home that isn’t filled with clutter is much easier to keep clean on a regular basis.

Make a list of weekly tasks your cleaning company will handle. One of the first things you should do when engaging the help of a cleaning company is making a list of the items they are supposed to do every time they come over. If they’re only going to come in every other week, make sure that you plan sufficient time during their off-weeks so that you can fill in the gaps left by their absence.

Anyone can have a clean home by following these simple tips. Cleaning doesn’t have to take a long time, and the more you keep up with the chores, the better you’ll feel. Of course, keeping your home clean is a real challenge because of how busy you are, so call in a professional house cleaner for help.

simplifying yard cleaning

Along with the great summer weather comes many outdoor jobs that have to be done. It takes a lot of work to keep your lawn and the exterior of your house looking it’s best. Some things can be done seasonally, but many jobs need to be done on a weekly schedule.


Your landscaping is one thing that requires constant care to look it’s best. If winter wasn’t good to your lawn, you could plant grass seed to cover bare spots. Fertilizing your lawn will replace nutrients in the soil that winter freezes have destroyed and given you a thicker lawn.


If you have some flower beds, then you might spend a good amount of time weeding them. One way to reduce the weeding is to lay wood chips around the flowers. Plastic sheeting can also be employed to keep weeds from appearing around your plants and will help hold the water in the soil and reduce watering time.


To protect your decking it should be given a good clean a minimum of one time during the. Leaves that are stuck in cracks can remain wet and cause rotting and must be cleaned out. A pressure washer is the easiest way to completely clean any debris that is stuck. If the surface is looking worn, refinish the deck and paint on a moisture resistant coating.


Solar lights are fundamentally carefree additions to your yard. The only looking after they need an occasional cleaning. Light coverings should be removed and cleaned to remove dirt and dust. And, any debris should be removed.


With all of the other external jobs that should be performed, the exterior of your home sometimes is neglected. A visual inspection needs to be performed to look for loose boards, siding or bricks. Rainfall will drip behind any exposed areas and will rapidly cause your foundations to rot so this is essential maintenance.


A swimming pool can give you hours of fun and enjoyment, but it can also cause you hours of extra work. Testing the water must be carried out on a weekly basis and any required chemicals must be added as soon as possible. A pool filter should be used daily to remove any debris that will clog up your pool’s filter.


Keeping your yard jobs done on a regular schedule can save you time in the long run. There’re also many ways to eliminate some chores, such as installing automatic sprinklers. And, the less work that you have to do, the more time you can spend participating in your favorite summer activities.